Preparing African youths for the digital economy and the future of work.

Terver Aosu
2 min readMay 18, 2019


Many African youths today, struggle with the dilemma of wanting a better lease of life and the current bewildering socioeconomic and political challenges in many African nations is not helping.

Although internet penetration in Africa is still the lowest when compared to other nations, the answer to a better lease of life lies with the internet. The internet has made access to information just a click away, it has also made it possible for skilled Africans to get a job abroad working remotely.

What we need in Africa is a structure that will help African youths leverage the power of the internet in developing and preparing themselves for the digital economy and the future of work.

To make this possible, the right ENVIRONMENT, the right KNOWLEDGE, and the right TOOLS need to be provided for our teeming youth population.

The Right Environment

One characteristic about acquiring knowledge in the digital age is speed and this requires a high level of concentration. In Africa, there is so much distraction that bothers around meeting basic needs such as food, clothing, and bills, when distractions like these are reduced or taken away, the learner is able to focus and commit his time in acquiring knowledge and skills. To archive this, learners can be given a stipend that covers his/her needs while s/he undergoes the learning process. This model successfully eliminates the need for an extra job outside school that has posed as a source of distraction to learners. This is the environment where learning can truly strive in the African contest.

The Right Knowledge

The stated model will only work if the knowledge being transferred is industry based such that the learners fit into the industry immediately after the learning period.

The Right Tools

Teaching a person computer knowledge without the use or availability of the computer can be a frustrating and wasteful effort but if the computer is available the learning process becomes a lot much easier. In essence, having the required tools beyond just chalk and board will really advance and enhance the learning process. This way the learner will be engaged and involved in the learning process.

Andela is doing a great job in adopting this model, we need more organizations to adopt this model at the community level all over Africa, thereby preparing Africa’s youth for the digital economy and the future of work. Then will Africa and Africans be better positioned to compete globally.

Andela no longer thinks this model works why it stopped the training of developers, but I still think it is a matter of rethinking the model and adapting it to the change taking place on the continent and it would work.

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